FAQ by Contractors

Frequently Asked Questions by Contractors

Contractors who work with the MRC have experienced the true cost/benefit of working with our experienced craftsmen and Locals. Our record of providing trained, dedicated, and experienced professionals with just one phone call is why contractors continue to nurture their relationship with the MRC and feel confident recommending our services to industry partners.

Training. The MRC considers training a top priority. Our millwrights acquire superior skills through industry, Provincial approved training, and remain up-to-date through skill-upgrade programs. This keeps your company compliant, competitive, and profitable while completing your projects On Time, Every Time.

We will provide special training to meet that challenge effectively. We are committed to keeping our members on the leading edge of innovations in techniques and materials, and we actively pursue training to support that commitment. We believe that our no-nonsense approach to education is how our millwrights are able to complete your project on time and on budget.

We provide a comprehensive training program for both positions. Supervisors trained by the Millwright Regional Council – Canada are better able to plan, schedule, control costs, and understand contracts while managing changes, claims and negotiations. Both programs strengthen practical skills like accident prevention, project management, loss control and productivity.

Yes. When you work with us, with one phone call we assemble the work force you need and deliver it anywhere you need it, for as long as you need it. We can mobilize skilled crews anywhere throughout Canada.

A project agreement is a contract for one specific job. Together, we will discuss your project to determine staffing needs, agree on Journeyman/Apprentice ratios, training requirements, schedules, and any additional details. We will then develop an agreement for that job only. We understand your business concerns, and recognize how competitive the industry  can be. Project enabled agreements are our way of showing that we are serious about customer service, and let you experience first-hand the true bottom line benefits that our work force delivers.

No. It is not our job to manage the project. Our job is to provide the best millwrights available.

Member’s responsibilities are outlined in our Commitment to Excellence. If members are non-compliant, they will be brought before the Local Executive to discuss and review their actions. This allows you to focus on your business and leave member management to us.

We understand that in today’s economy, only the contractors offering the most value and competitive assets will survive. We are here to provide the resources you need to excel in your industry and keep our members working.

We are committed to being cooperative, competitive and customer-friendly. Our contractors appreciate working with us because we deliver on our promises. We develop contracts to meet your needs and deliver a skilled work force when and where you need it for as long as you need it. We help to control costs and boost your productivity; reduce recruiting, hiring and administrative headaches, while offering flexibility with work schedules or special training. We can meet your labour, training, and productivity challenges with our pool of skilled, competitive millwrights.

It is our job to make your job a success. Give us a try.


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