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The Millwright Regional Council is a professional organization that delivers procurement, construction, maintenance and project management millwrights to clients in diverse industries all across Canada.

We provide significant, bottom-line advantages that save you money, such as having access to Canada’s top talent, expanded bid opportunities and greater hiring flexibility while reducing human resources costs.

Millwrights are highly skilled professionals that work in all types of industries and facilities.
Internationally, the UBC commits $100 million annually to training programs at nearly 200 centers.
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More Advantages

Increased Productivity

Sales Work Force

Apprenticeship Training

Uniformed Benefit Administrator

Work-Ready on Day 1

Reduced Re-Work

Reduced Overhead Costs

Business Partnership

3:1 Journeymen/Apprentice Ratios

Mobile Work Force

Field Supervisory Personnel

Province Wide Agreements

Journeyman Training Upgrades

Industry Trained

Smart Integrated Solutions

Contact Info

Mailing address: 695 Innovation Drive Unit 7
Kingston, Ontario K7K 7E6

Telephone: (613) 384-4883

Facsimile: (613) 384-9146

Email address: Local1410@millwrightont.com

Our Mission

We lead the way in training, educating, and representing the next generation of skilled millwright professionals.  The Millwright Regional Council places a top priority on developing the total professional: millwrights who are not only technical experts in their craft, but who also demonstrate effective communication and leadership qualities.

Our mission is to stand strong with our members and business partners to help them achieve success.  Our education and training advances leadership, skill, quality, productivity, safety, and attitude with the goal of creating a constructive culture within the construction industry and providing a competitive workforce for our contractors and owners.

We lead the way in training, educating, and representing the next generation of skilled millwright professionals.


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